About us

Daffodi Consulting International is a strategy agency. We are rich in know-how as every one of our partners has his individual field of excellence. In Germany we develop tailor made solutions. In China our team, with over 20 years market experience, professionally implements the concepts. Thus we overcome inter-cultural barriers and and satisfy the needs of international companies with strategies developed for your success in China. Based on this knowledge the bridging between the cultures can be accomplished and the corporate step into the Chinese market will be successful.

China is an unmanageable country with many markets and obscure market laws. This usually is how international companies assess the Chinese market. Actually the laws and habits of the Chinese culture are completely different from ours. In order to successfully do business here knowledge about country, people, habits and business customs is indispensable.

We – Daffodi Consulting International – can help you to bring your business in China to success. China is not only manageable but the country holds vast opportunities because of its huge domestic market.

Daffodi Consulting International stands for trust in the China business. We support our customers extensively with the management of the business and the development of the Chinese market. Our goal is your success in the Chinese market.

Our services are inter-sectoral. At the same time we implement each project based on the on the requirements of the particular industry. Every concept is tailor made for our customers. Our experts focus on the present stage of the business of our customers.