Marketing and communication

Perfect customer focus for the Chinese market

Marketing in China at its core is understanding the relevant customers and stakeholders and aligning the business with the customer's needs. That includes how to position a company in the relevant market environment and how to reach this positioning.

Based on a comprehensive market analysis Daffodi creates marketing strategies that support you and your company in the implementation process.

Furthermore Daffodi is very experienced in the areas of event planning and event management. All your events are in good hands with us. From press conferences to trade shows, company anniversaries and high level government and industry delegations. We organize all events according to the special wishes of our customers and create events that are a perfect match for your brand and your company.

Services overview

  • Development of campaigns and adaption of existing campaigns
  • Planning and implementation of trade show participation
  • Planning an implementation of events
  • Design, production: Company brochures, company videos, internet presence