Understanding, negotiating and decision making

Understanding China and making the right decisions

Understanding the Chinese market and making the right decisions is the key to success in China.

Daffodi creates a sound basis for decision-making for you. We analyze the respective market environment with all its China-specific factors. On the basis of this Daffodi creates a tailor made China strategy. When the goals are set our team supports you and your company in the whole implementation process.

An important part of our service portfolio is our China industry visitor program. Here we introduce the country from an industry specific point of view. Thus we create trust for later business.

Due to our longtime market presence Daffodi Consulting has a wide spread network of reliable business relations. Our customers benefit from this network when they are searching for new business partners and when they are searching for manufacturing partners in China. Furthermore customers who have products or services that they want to sell in China also profit from this well developed network.

Daffodi Consulting verifies for customers possible cooperation candidates and evaluates financial strength and legitimacy.

Daffodi Consulting also advises customers on the question of whether a product has a market in China and where to find the right official importers and buyers.

Services overview

  • Industry specific market studies and analyses
  • Policy monitoring and bringing in of government relations
  • Provision of contacts and reliable cooperation partners
  • Negotiation coaching with Chinese delegations
  • Organization of business delegation visits to China and internationally
  • Organization of professional seminars and expert forums
  • Naming and translations